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Medical Cannabis Policy -- 20220901

A number of states, including Rhode Island, have passed laws that make the use of cannabis for some medical conditions legitimate under the law of that state. Each state’s laws, procedures, and qualifying criteria differ. However, the growing, possession, or use of cannabis remains an offense under the Controlled Substances Act, a federal law. Medical cannabis certification from a state offers no immunity against federal prosecution.

RISD is obligated to comply with all federal laws and regulations in part due to federal funding of various programs such as student financial aid. In order to remain in compliance, RISD will not permit the possession or use of cannabis in its residence halls, campus grounds, at educational or other activities sponsored, conducted, or authorized by RISD or its student organizations, whether on or off campus; in any student residence at RISD; or in any other RISD buildings or other property(which include but are not limited parking lots or campus green spaces).

If a student is registered as a medical cannabis user, and intends to possess and use cannabis, they must confine that use to off campus locations. If that student is subject to the required residency policy that applies to first and second year students, they may present their medical cannabis registration to the residence life office and request a waiver of the residency requirement so that they may reside off campus. RISD will not pursue action under the Code for students who possess a valid medical cannabis registration and engage in the off-campus use of medical cannabis provided it is not at a RISD function.

Students found to be in violation of RISD's drug policies for cannabis, even if they are a medical cannabis card holder, can expect to have their items confiscated and destroyed. Under no circumstances will confiscated medical cannabis be returned to the student/students.