RISD Policy and Procedure Library

Welcome to the Policy and Procedure Library, the site for all institutional policies, procedures and forms of Rhode Island School of Design.

The goals of all RISD policies are to

  • clarify the institution's expectations of its individual members
  • increase transparency in our relations with all constituents
  • provide management and visibility into areas of risk and compliance
  • enhance efficiency
  • ensure compliance with laws and regulations
  • guide us in fulfilling our philosophy and reaching our goals as set forth in our mission statement.

The policies and procedures published here supersede any versions previously published elsewhere in student, faculty or staff handbooks, and in other formats and locations. All students, faculty, staff, stakeholders, and visitors to RISD are guided by these policies and should be familiar with them.

This is very much a work in progress; in fact, this will always be the case because policy and process must evolve in order to support the college's mission as well as to be responsive to the everyday actions and requirements not only of our community, but also the greater society in which we live.

We hope you will find this a welcome step in providing the knowledge and tools to act in the best interests of the college, our colleagues and ourselves, and we look forward to hearing from you with questions, comments and suggestions for improvement. Remember that all members of the community have the ability to bring forward a policy by using the Needs Assessment Form and working with the policy coordinator to develop the proposal and bring it forward for consideration.

Policy Development and Governance:

View the Policy on Administrative Policies and learn more about policy development at RISD.

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Please contact RISD's Policy Coordinator at policy@risd.edu with questions related to these policies.

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Policy Management

Risk, Emergency Management and Compliance

Student Life Policies

Code of Student Conduct and Procedures


Health and Safety

Residence Life

Security and Transportation

Student Life

Student Financial Services

Other RISD Policies

Policies and procedures for other RISD functions can be found at the following websites:

General Institutional Disclosures

Academic Policies

Academic Affairs Operations and Procedures

Financial Aid & Student Accounts


RISD Museum

Residence Life Policies

Title IX

RISD reserves the right to change requirements, policies, rules and regulations without prior notice in accordance with established procedures.