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Emergency contacts

On campus call x6666 (401 454-6666). Give the exact location and state the nature of the emergency.

Off campus, call 911. If you contact 911 or interact with the Police, Fire or a medical facility please contact Public Safety as soon as possible at 401 454-6376 or ask the emergency personnel assisting you to contact Public Safety for you.

Remain calm and do not terminate the call until instructed to do so by the dispatcher. If you have questions or a problem with the local police, notify RISD Public Safety at 401 454-6376.

Emergency Announcements

To view emergency announcements, updates, instructions and resources visit the RISD Emergency Information page.

Emergency phones

Inside each building on campus, hall phones are available to provide quick reporting to Public Safety. Many of these hall phones are connected directly to Public Safety. Simply pick up the handset and, after the ring, speak to the Dispatcher.

Code Blue emergency phones are located in outdoor areas throughout campus. Simply press the red button on the Code Blue phone and you will be connected directly to Public Safety. Please visit the Public Safety page on to familiarize yourself with the location of these phones on campus.


If you experience a serious or sudden illness or injury, call RISD Public Safety at x6666 (401 454-6666, where a trained officer will be dispatched to provide emergency treatment and arrange appropriate transportation to a hospital or Health Services.

The Department of Public Safety operates a class C-2 non-transport ambulance and has on staff licensed Emergency Medical Technicians who will evaluate, treat and/or arrange transport for the sick or injured.

Butler Hospital

345 Blackstone Boulevard, 401 455-6200 or 800 433-6888
Complete psychiatric services, including an emergency facility.

Miriam Hospital

164 Summit Avenue, 401 793-2500
5th Street between North Main and Hope streets
Emergency room and in-patient services.

Rhode Island Hospital

593 Eddy Street, 401 444-4000
The state’s largest emergency facility and hospital; specialty clinics by appointment.

Roger Williams Medical Center

825 Chalkstone Avenue, 401 456-2000
Emergency room and in-patient services.

East Side Urgent Care

1195 North Main Street, 401 861-3782

Women & Infants Hospital

101 Dudley Street, 401 274-1100
OB-GYN services for victims of sexual assault.