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Student Equipment Loan Policy


This policy is designed to clearly delineate the parameters for borrowing and safeguarding media equipment on loan from RISD Media Resources (“RMR”).


All students are governed by the instructions covered in this policy and are expected to follow the procedures contained herein.

Policy Statement

The mission of RISD Media Resources (“RMR”) is to enhance the teaching and learning experiences of the RISD community and to ensure that all members of the community feel included and fully supported at RISD. In service to its mission, RMR is proud to provide myriad presentation and documentation resources for students through its loans of professional equipment.


  1. Standard Loans
    • Length of Loan -- All loans are for the period of five business days.
    • Payment Method --All borrowers are required to have a RISD Bucks account in order to use RMR’s services.
    • Renewals – All efforts will be made to accommodate renewal requests; however, there is no guarantee of automatic extensions after the initial five business day loan period, especially in the last half of each semester when usage is traditionally highest. If the equipment is required for additional days, the borrower must return the equipment in person and request an additional loan based on availability. Please keep in mind that the equipment may be scheduled for loan to another user and, therefore, is not available for extension.
    • Late Fees -- Return of all checked out equipment is due by 4:00 PM on the fifth business day. A late fee of $10/day will be charged to the borrower’s RISD Bucks account.

      Note: If any user is experiencing financial hardship related to late fees or repair/replacement costs of loaned equipment, an appeal process may be initiated via email to the Media Resources Supervisor ( All inquiries will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Laptop Loans
    RMR has an inventory of five “loaner” laptops that are available by special request for those with laptops being repaired and extend through the period of repair without need for extension. All other laptop loans will be for the standard five business days.

    Borrowers who have been approved for a semester-long laptop loan will be asked to electronically sign a separate laptop loan agreement at the time of pickup. Borrowers assume full responsibility for this laptop and agree to remove all data and uploaded software from it upon return. RISD will not be held responsible for any data loss when in the borrower’s possession.
  3. Terms of Responsibility
    All equipment is tested prior to loan and is guaranteed to be functioning properly. Borrowers are required to immediately report all damage, loss, or malfunction, and will be held financially responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken items.
    • Loss or damage will be calculated at full replacement value.
    • All associated repair/replacement costs will be billed to the user’s RISD Bucks account as outlined above.
    • Please note: RISD has partnered with College Student Insurance in order to assist all students with the costs that can be incurred in the event of loss or damage to college equipment. These policies also cover other personal property. For further information please check with Residence Life or view their property insurance information.
    • No checkouts will be permitted until any outstanding balance is paid in full.
    • All borrowers must sign an Equipment Loan Agreement prior to receiving RISD property.


Equipment Pickups

  • All borrowers must contact MRC via the RISD QLess phone app to arrange pickups. There is no walk-in service available during Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Equipment requirements and pickup time will be scheduled and confirmed on the QLess app and text message updates.
  • Equipment will be placed on a designated table in the Auditorium 132 lobby for pickup. All items will be tagged with the borrower’s name.

Equipment Returns

  • Return all equipment to the RISD Auditorium lobby prior to 4:00 PM on the designated return date. If an item is missing, the QLess system will issue a message to the borrower.
  • Final returns of all loaned equipment:
    • For Graduating seniors and second year grads:
      Webcheckout will send auto reminders of the equipment return due date. If the borrower needs more time to document work, please contact Media Resources to arrange an extension.
      If the student cannot return in person and needs return postage, they should contact RMR to make these arrangements.
    • All other checkout loans must be returned by the final due date, and extensions will be given upon request only until the final deadline for return in June.
  • If alternate return arrangements are not made, RMR will assume the equipment will not be returned. RISD must replace any equipment no longer in its inventory with new equipment; therefore, the borrower’s RISD Bucks account will be charged the full replacement cost of the loaned equipment as stated in this policy.

Revision history

This policy was last reviewed/modified on: 8/17/2021

This policy was approved as of: 8/17/2021

Next scheduled review: 9/1/2023


Issuing Office

Information Technology Resources

Responsible Officer

Chief Information Officer

Individuals/offices required for review and changes

Media Resources Department Supervisor

Student Affairs

Office of the General Counsel