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Smoke Free Campus Policy


This policy outlines RISD’s prohibitions regarding smoking of any kind in or near RISD property.


All faculty, staff, and students and visitors share the responsibility for following the policy. Any problems should be referred to the appropriate department head or supervisor.


For reasons of public health and in compliance with Rhode Island law, smoking conventional tobacco products, e-cigarettes and marijuana are prohibited in any building owned or managed by Rhode Island School of Design, including but not limited to classrooms, studios, hallways, residential facilities and buildings, restrooms, the Library, the Museum, and dining facilities. Smoking is also prohibited within RISD-owned or leased vehicles. Sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products is prohibited on campus.


Those smoking outside RISD buildings must maintain a distance of 35 feet away from exits, entrance ways and windows to ensure the prevention of smoke migration into any RISD building.

Any questions you may have regarding this policy should be directed to the Manager of Environmental Health and Safety. Any problems should be referred to the appropriate department head or supervisor.

Revision history

This policy was approved as of: 2/1/2019

Next scheduled review: 2/1/2022


Issuing Office

Environmental Health and Safety

Responsible Officer

Vice President of Campus Services

Individuals/offices required for review and changes

Environmental Health and Safety Manager

Executive Director of Integrated Health and Wellness

Vice President of Campus Services