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Posting Policy


For the convenience of the RISD community and neighbors, please observe the following guidelines when seeking to post on campus and in the residence halls. This policy covers posting items such as advertisements, flyers, announcements, posters, etc. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact Student Life.


This policy provides guidance to RISD staff, students, and organizations.


Posting on Campus

“On campus” includes all RISD buildings, both interior and exterior, as well as grounds.

  • Final designs for all postings must be approved by the sponsoring department and must include the name of the sponsoring department and contact information in order to be posted on campus.
  • By 12noon on the first Monday of the month all postings will be removed and disposed of by RISD Facilities staff.
  • Sponsoring department and facilities services are not responsible for returning posters or flyers.
  • Sponsoring groups are responsible for removing their postings once the event has passed.
  • Any materials lacking the name of a sponsoring group will be removed and discarded.
  • Flyers and announcements may be posted on designated spaces that include bulletin boards and poster cases as determined by individual departments.
  • Flyers and announcements must NOT be posted in stairwells, stairwell doors or glass doors. All posting found in these areas will be removed immediately.
  • Posting with adhesives or materials such as duct tape that damage surfaces is prohibited. Sponsoring groups are encouraged to use painter’s tape when posting on painted surfaces.

Additional guidelines for posting in Residence Halls

  • All flyers to be posted in residence halls must be taken to the Residence Life Office at 30 Waterman for approval and posting. Flyer distribution will be the responsibility of the Residence Life staff
  • Students, staff, and organizations should allow 5 business days prior to the event for posting. Event flyers that are within 5 business days will not be distributed since there is no guarantee that they will be posted in time for the event.
  • Non-RISD flyers or announcements may only be posted in the residence halls with the permission of the Residence Life Office.

Posting on RISD Beach Wall

  • Use of this wall is overseen by the Center for Student Involvement and requires a reservation.
  • Banners and other postings can be mounted using tape or rope.
  • Use of chalk, markers or paint directly on the brick surface is prohibited.

Revision history

This policy was approved as of: 8/4/2014

Next scheduled review: 8/1/2021


Issuing Office

Environmental Health and Safety Office

Responsible Officer

Vice President of Campus Services

Individuals/offices required for review and changes

Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration

Vice President of Campus Services

Manager of Environmental Health and Safety