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Personnel Records


In respect of its employees' privacy, RISD strives to restrict the personnel data it collects to that deemed necessary for business, legal, or contractual purposes. Additionally, RISD strives to limit internal access to personnel data to those with a need to know, and to release personnel data externally only in limited, appropriate circumstances, such as in connection with specific business, legal, or contractual purposes or perceived emergencies, or with the relevant employees' consent.


Under Rhode Island law, employees have certain rights to review their own personnel files. Employees who wish to do so should give the Human Resources office at least 24 hours’ notice; in some cases, additional time may be needed.

To keep necessary college records up to date, it is extremely important that employees use the self service features in Workday or notify the Human Resources Department of any changes to keep the following information current:

  • Name and/or marital status
  • Address and/or telephone number
  • Number of eligible dependents or change in dependents
  • W-4 deductions
  • Person to contact in case of emergency

Any questions regarding access to personnel records should be directed to the Department of Human Resources.

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