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Children in the Workplace


Children and minors are welcome on campus when they are visiting under their parent or guardian’s immediate supervision or participating as part of a supervised group or program. For safety and security reasons, children and minors may not be left unsupervised in the workplace nor may they be brought into parts of the campus that are unsafe for children and minors, i.e., kitchens and shops. It is the host/parent’s sole responsibility to provide appropriate oversight and supervision of their child/ren at all times and to ensure consideration is given to others in the work environment and, therefore, it is not appropriate to rely on or ask colleagues/co-workers to supervise children in the absence of the host or parent.

Given the diverse nature of the work being performed on campus, the concern for the safety for all, and the fact that not all work environments are suitable for children, employees should have supervisory approval when a child is brought to the workplace for more than a brief visit.

If an employee has concerns about children in the workplace, they should contact their immediate supervisor or Human Resources.

Revision history

This policy was created on: 8/8/2008

This policy was last reviewed/modified on: 8/24/2009


Issuing Office

Human Resources

Responsible Officer

Vice President for Human Resources

Individuals/offices required for review and changes

Director of Employment