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Attendance, Timeliness and Dependability


RISD depends upon its employees, and it is therefore important that employees attend work as scheduled. Dependability, attendance, punctuality, and a commitment to do the job right are essential at all times. As such, employees are expected to be at work on all scheduled work days, to report to work on time, and to work during all scheduled hours.

Employees who are unable to report for work or who will be delayed in getting to work are responsible for notifying their immediate supervisors well in advance of the regularly scheduled starting time or, in an emergency situation, as soon as is practical. Each department head is given the discretion to set minimal notice requirements based on operational needs or departmental requirements. An employee who is absent due to illness for three or more consecutive work days may be required to submit a health care provider’s note of explanation to his/her supervisor. The supervisor should forward this note to Human Resources.

In cases of continued, documented employee absence or tardiness, the immediate supervisor should consult with Human Resources to determine what corrective action is appropriate (see Corrective Action Process Policy), as incidents of lateness or absence may be grounds for disciplinary action. Employees who do not rep10/ort to work and do not call to report their absences for three (3) consecutive days will be considered to have abandoned their positions.

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