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Change of Address

Students must promptly notify the Registrar’s Office of changes in permanent (home) address and telephone, as well as local address and local phone number. Changes may be reported using the Change of Address form.

International students on an F-1 Visa must report a change of address within ten days of the address change to the Office of International Student Services. All students on F-1 Visas must report both local and foreign address information through both the Registrar’s Office and Office of International Student Services; a home address in the native country must be on file at all times.

Students living in a RISD residence hall need not report a local address. A RISD box number is not sufficient for a local address, and all students who are not living in RISD residence facilities should have their local address and a local phone number on file at all times. In addition, students need to inform the Registrar or Student Financial Services of the address to which bills and billing information is to be sent.

Online through Student Self Service, students are requested to maintain emergency address information. A contact number in case of campus wide emergency as well as a phone number to contact in case of personal emergency should be provided.