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Adding / Dropping Courses

Students, other than freshmen, may add a course(s) or drop a course without penalty, until the end of the Add/Drop period. Refer to the Academic Calendar for exact dates. Students should check their class schedules each semester/term prior to the end of the Add/Drop period to ensure that their schedule is correct.

Freshmen may not change their class schedules without special permission from the Dean of Experimental & Foundation Studies, except during Wintersession.

A few days before classes begin, web-registration shuts down on Student Planning. Once classes begin, adding must be done on the ‘Add’ form. Adding a class requires the permission of instructor.

Dropping may be done on Student Planning for electives and Liberal Arts. Required classes must be dropped using the ‘Drop’ form. The permission of instructor is not needed to drop a class.

All registrations (adds or drops) must be finalized by the end of the Add/Drop deadline. It is the responsibility of the student to drop themselves via the Drop form or (if permitted) in Student Planning. The students’ failure to drop a course will result in an F grade. Students should be certain that they officially drop classes they are not attending and should not rely on the instructor to officially remove them from a class. Unofficial adds, in which an unregistered student sits in on a class, will not be graded or credited on the academic record. Requests to retroactively add a course after the semester has passed will not be considered.

Note: International Students on an F-1 Visa may not drop below 12 credits of enrollment at any time. In certain situations, international students may be below 12 credits in their final semester by completing a ‘Request for Exception to Academic Policy’ form. International students should always check with the Office of International Student Services prior to making any changes to their RISD program. Any changes in program must be updated on the Form I-20 immigration document at all times.