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Academic Standing Committee

The Academic Standing Committee (ASC), along with the student’s Department Head or Graduate Program Director for graduate students, review the academic performance of all students at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters.

The committee also reviews the performance of students who attended the Summer Experimental & Foundation Studies Program, as successful completion of that program may be specified as a condition of acceptance to RISD.

This committee also hears requests from students seeking exceptions to academic policy (e.g. enrolling for less than full time credit load, walking at commencement with unfinished degree requirements, etc.).

This committee meets regularly during the academic year. Students may file requests for exceptions with the Registrar’s Office. The Academic Standing Committee includes elected faculty and representatives from Student Affairs and the Registrar. Decisions rendered by the Academic Standing Committee are final. The ASC decision cannot be overruled. As such, there is no further avenue for appeal after the decision is made.