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Good Samaritan Policy

This policy exists to increase the likelihood that a student will seek help in an alcohol or drug-related emergency. RISD encourages safe and responsible behavior throughout the community and promotes education and treatment for individuals who experience an alcohol or other drug related problem. The staff of the division of student affairs provides support and assistance to students struggling with issues related to substance use. Students who actively seek help when they are concerned about their own use, or that of others, will normally not face conduct consequences related to substance use.

In cases of alcohol and drug intoxication, our primary concern is the health and safety of the individual(s) involved. We strongly encourage students to call for medical assistance (401 454-6666 on campus, 911 off campus) for themselves or for another member of the community who experiences an acute reaction to substance use. Students who seek emergency medical assistance for alcohol or drug overuse may avoid conduct consequences for the sole violation of using or possessing the substance.

The waiver of a conduct process is not automatic and may be earned only once the student meets with the staff member designated by the Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards, and successfully completes any educational, wellness, or other follow up steps that the staff member deems necessary following the meeting. Failure to complete the follow up steps or repeated instances of alcohol or other drug abuse may result in a formal conduct hearing. This policy does not exempt students from a conduct process resulting from other policy violations that occur during the same incident.