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Card Access/ ID Card Policy

RISD’s Administrative and Academic Buildings and many residential buildings are accessible via Card Access. Your RISD ID is set to give you access to buildings by waving the card in front of the proximity reader at the entrance to the building or room (some readers require you to swipe your card).

  • All RISD community members are required to have their RISD ID with them at all times and to present their ID to a Public Safety officer or other campus official if asked.
  • If you lose your RISD ID or it is stolen please report it to Public Safety immediately so that it may be shut off to prevent your card from being used by unauthorized persons to gain access to RISD Buildings.
  • The Card Access system notifies Public Safety via audible alarm when a reader-equipped door is held or forced open. No doors on campus should be propped open at any time.
  • For safety reasons, students, staff, and faculty may not remain in a building after the building closes.

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For information about fees for lost or damaged cards, and other RISD ID Related Questions please visit