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Identification Card Policy


The RISD ID card is much more than a simple ID. In identifying you as a member of the RISD community, it is an invaluable key to life on campus. Students are encouraged to carry their RISD ID card at all times and be able to show it upon request.


This policy applies to all members of the RISD community including faculty, staff, students, vendors and guests.


Identification cards (IDs) are issued to members of the RISD community to grant access to various building during the course of their work. IDs should be carried at all times when on campus as they provide access to certain buildings and identify the holder as a member of the RISD community. Cards are valid only during the course of employment and are available at the Campus ID office. In addition to providing access to RISD buildings, the ID card is used to establish eligibility for discounts and certain college services available to employees.

More information is available on the Campus ID Card Services site and from the Campus ID office (x6664).


Access to Campus Buildings and Facilities

RISD maintains an access control system for all academic and residential buildings, meaning students, faculty and staff need to wave a valid RISD ID card in close proximity to card readers in order to open locked doors. Proximity readers can detect when a reader-controlled door is forced or held open. If a door is forced open, or held open for too long, it will immediately sound an audible alarm locally and alert Public Safety. Access is based on several factors including:

  • authorization
  • area
  • time of day
  • day of week

Building access follows posted building hours and entrance to specific spaces, rooms and labs is based on pre-approved authorization. Card Services manages the assignment of access privileges for card-accessible areas. In general, the entire RISD community shall have access to all "community" areas. Authorized staff may download and submit the access request form below if access to other specific areas (e.g., labs, workshops, elevators, etc.) is necessary. A completed form must be sent to Card Services for processing. Please allow 48 hours to facilitate each request.

Common ID Card Uses

Card Replacement Fees

  • $10 for a first lost card
  • $20 for losing your card a second time
  • $30 for losing your card a third time and each time thereafter...
  • $5 to replace a damaged card
  • $2 for a plastic card holder

Revision history


Issuing Office

Public Safety

Responsible Officer

Vice President of Campus Services

Individuals/offices required for review and changes

Chief of Public Safety

Associate Director of Access Control and Campus Card Operations