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Tuition and Fees

Information on tuition, fees, fines, and refund policies can be found here.


Student accounts must be paid according to policies and deadlines established by Student Financial Services. Students who do not pay their tuition bill, or make other acceptable financial arrangements, by the August (Fall) and January (Spring) due dates, will be assessed a late fee. In addition, RISD reserves the right to withhold services from students whose accounts are past due, including, but not limited to, withholding grades, transcripts, on campus room selection, and registration; or administratively withdrawing a student from the College. Past due accounts may be assigned to a collection agency and if they are, students may be responsible for collection and/or legal expenses.More details can be found here.

Additional Fees

Certain courses require an additional cost for the classroom experience. These course changes may cover field trips, or other course-related activities. Charges may be applied throughout the term, so it is very important to monitor your account frequently.


Tuition for Wintersession is included in the fall semester invoice for full-time registered students enrolled in the fall. For those transferring or being readmitted to RISD in the spring, it is included in the spring semester invoice.

Students who enroll in Wintersession without being enrolled in either fall and/or spring semester of that academic year are charged a separate Wintersession tutition of $1,881.00 per credit hour.

For Wintersession travel programs, payment for associated travel costs must be paid by published due dates.