Graduation Requirements for Graduate Students

Master’s Degree Requirements

  1. Satisfactory completion of all published course credit requirements with a cumulative grade-point average of not less than 3.00, with the exception of M.ARCH and MLA candidates who need a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  2. Fulfillment of the minimum on-campus residency requirements:
  3. MFA, MID, MDes and MLA (2 yr)
    Two years
    M. ARCH, MLA (3 yr), MFA (3 yr)
    Three years
    MAT, MA in Art Ed, MA in Interior Architecture
    One year
    MID (2.5 yrs)
    Two and a half years
  4. Successful completion of the following course credit requirements:
  5. MFA, MID
    66 credits
    M.ARCH (2 year) 69 credits
    MID (2.5 yr)
    84 credits
    MDes (2 yr +)
    75 credits
    MLA (2 yr)
    72 credits
    MAT in Art + Design Education (1 yr +)
    36 credits
    MA in Art + Design Education (1 yr)
    33 credits
    MA in Interior Architecture (1 yr +)
    45 credits
    M. ARCH, MLA
    111 credits
    +indicates that the program begins in the summer prior to the first fall semester.
  6. Payment of all financial obligations to the College, or arrangements for such payment satisfactory to the College.
  7. Filing an Graduation Application early in the final year.

Graduate Thesis

Typically, the completion of a graduate thesis or degree project is a final requirement for a graduate degree at RISD. The thesis requires basic standards of excellence and high-quality professional appearance. Note that formats may vary within departments, as criteria must be developed specifically with each student.The thesis is composed in relation to the pedagogy of each department and the nature of the specific thesis work. Each graduate student convenes a thesis committee (generally of three members) in the final year of a degree program. The final bound document must be submitted to the thesis committee for signatures and ready for delivery to the Fleet Library one week before Commencement.

Changes and Exceptions to Graduation Requirements

Changes, substitutions, or waivers to any of the departmental course requirements, or other degree requirements, must be approved in writing, using the Degree Requirement Waiver/ Substitution Form.