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Global Exchange Program

Global Exchange is open to a select number of eligible RISD and Brown | RISD Dual Degree juniors, seniors and graduate students, allowing the unique opportunity to spend a semester studying at one of RISD’s partner schools across the world. Students interested in applying are encouraged to clearly formulate their objectives and discuss their academic and residency requirements with their Academic Advisor and Department Head. The program currently includes more than forty participating schools located in more than twenty countries.

Students interested in participating in a Global Exchange program during their time at RISD must contact the RISD Global office for an advising appointment. Students will be provided information about the application process, as well as the partner schools during their appointment. A cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher is required to apply.

RISD students participating in a RISD Global Exchange program must maintain the equivalent of RISD full-time status (12-credit minimum) in order to remain in good academic standing. Students should be advised that, depending on credit conversion, 12-credits at the exchange partner school may not be equivalent to full-time status at RISD.

Students are required to work with their major Department Head in the development of the Learning Agreement. The Learning Agreement form is designed to identify the courses that will be taken at the exchange partner school and their equivalents at RISD. This ensures the courses will transfer back to RISD upon successful completion. Students should be aware of how courses will fulfill their outstanding degree requirements. In addition to major Department Head, the form must also be signed by the student’s Academic Advisor and the Dean of Liberal Arts (if applicable). Upon completion, the Learning Agreement should be submitted to the RISD Global Office for further processing.

Financial Aid for the semester abroad is awarded based on the number of pre-approved credits eligible for transfer back to RISD.Part II of the Learning Agreement should be completed upon arrival to the exchange school. This verifies any changes to the original Agreement that may have taken place.

Changes to the Learning Agreement require renewed approval by the student’s major Department Head, Academic Advisor and the Dean of Liberal Arts (if applicable).The revised form should be submitted to the RISD Global Office immediately.

Prior to departure, students should work with the exchange coordinator at the foreign school to arrange for an official transcript to be sent to the Office of the RISD Registrar at the end of their semester. Official transcripts may be accepted either directly from the international school, or submitted by the student in a sealed envelope. Assuming the courses on the transcript coincide with the Learning Agreement, courses will be successfully transferred. Although the student is enrolled in an exchange program through RISD, transfer grades of “T” will be assigned to each completed course. Courses that are not eligible for credit due to a non-passing grade/failure will not be recorded on the student’s transcript.