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Change of Major/Internal Transfer

Undergraduate students who elect to change their major should obtain the ‘Change of Major’ Form at the Registrar’s Office. Chances of switching out of one major and into another are increased if requested after freshmen declarations in late February/early March and before new transfer students are accepted through Admissions in mid-April. International students on an F-1 Visa must report a major change within ten days of the change to the Office of International Student Services.

Incoming transfer students may not transfer from the department to which they were admitted into another department during their first-year. Thereafter, internal transfer is subject to review and space limitations.

Graduate students are admitted into a specific department and degree program, unlike undergraduate students, who are admitted into the College. Hence, graduate students are not permitted to change degree programs via the Change of Major route as an internal transfer. A graduate student who desires entry into another RISD program must go through a formal Admissions application procedure.