Event Safety

When planning an event at RISD, the Department of Public Safety must be advised of all functions taking place on or in the vicinity of campus. The following rules generally apply to all events:

  • At least one staff/faculty member must attend.
  • A Public Safety officer may need to be present at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety.
  • Large events (especially those held in the RISD Auditorium) may require the presence of a Providence Police officer(s) or Providence firefighter(s) at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety. The cost for outside agency details will be incurred by the sponsoring Department.
  • All events that include the service of alcohol require the presence of a RISD Public Safety officer as well as a bartender hired by Dining + Catering. An Alcohol Use Regulations form must be completed and submitted to Public Safety and Dining + Catering at least two weeks prior to the event. Forms are available from Public Safety.

For questions about your event, please contact Public Safety at 401 454-6376.