Undergraduate Degree Offerings and Concentrations

For undergraduates, Rhode Island School of Design offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA), which is usually completed in four years of study. Also offered is a professional Bachelor of Architecture (B.ARCH), usually completed in five years of study and an additional year of full time study beyond the BFA. Students pursue the BFA and the B.ARCH simultaneously and receive both degrees at the end of the fifth year.

In addition to pursuing a major, students may also choose a concentration (like a minor). Concentrations may only be pursued concurrently with the degree. There are four concentrations available. The first three listed are in Liberal Arts and the fourth is interdepartmental:

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The requirements for concentrations must be successfully completed prior to graduation. In other words, a student may not earn a degree and then return to complete the concentration. Upon graduation, successful completion of a concentration is noted on the student’s official transcript.