Readmission for Graduate Students

Note: the information below is for graduate-level readmission. Please find information about undergraduate-level readmission here.

General Requirements, Deadlines, Forms

With the exception of medical leaves, readmission to RISD after a leave of absence requires completion of the Readmission Application. See the section below for information on Readmission after Medical Leave.

The deadline for filing for readmission:

January 15 for fall semester entry

October 1 for Wintersession and spring semester entry

Students are highly encouraged to speak with their Graduate Program Director and Department Head, in advance of the readmission deadline date.Readmission decisions are made on an individual basis and are subject to availability of space in your designated program.The Readmission Application and any required accompanying documents, as described in each section below, should be submitted to the Registrar’s office by the deadline dates. Documents which a student considers confidential, such as medical notes, may be sent directly to the Student Affairs Office, but the student should indicate that the documents are being sent separately on their application. The Student Affairs office is located on third floor of Carr Haus and their number is 401 454-6600.

If you intend to apply for Financial Aid, submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15 prior to the academic year you expect to return. The Financial Aid office can be contacted at 401 454-6661.

For students wishing to live on campus, a completed housing contract must be submitted to Residence Life. The deadline to enter the housing lottery is several weeks prior to the deadline for the readmission application itself, so apply early if you want to join the housing lottery. You need not wait to hear the status of your readmission application to apply for housing. Residence Life can be reached at 401 454-6650.

A complete and updated Health Form must be on file in Health Services before readmission will be approved. Health Services can be contacted at 401 454-6625.

Readmission after Medical Leave

Instructions for readmission after a medical leave are communicated at the time of the leave. Contact the Student Affairs Office directly at 401 454-6600 or with questions.

Readmission after Academic Dismissal

Readmission applications by students who were academically dismissed should address the problems which led to the academic dismissal and put forth the case for the student’s success upon returning to RISD. The student should attach to their readmission form a letter stating the following:

  • A statement describing how the time away has been spent, addressing the problems which led to the dismissal and explaining how those problems will not occur if readmission to RISD is granted.
  • Other Materials which were required at the time of dismissal that may be relevant to the dismissal.

These documents must be submitted to the Registrar’s office at by the deadline dates for application and should accompany the Readmission Application. The Academic Standing Committee cannot review the student’s readmission application until all required documents have been received. Dismissed students, returning from a leave of absence, will continue on probation for the semester they return.

Readmission after a Dismissal Related to Conduct

Readmission applications by students who were dismissed for conduct reasons should complete the Application for Readmission and attach any relevant information that was requested at the time of the leave.

Graduation Requirements

RISD may not approve a return after a student’s leave of absence has expired. A student who is granted readmission after being away from RISD for four years or more will be required to satisfy the graduation requirements in effect at the time of their return