Grade of Incomplete

A grade of incomplete (“I”) is assigned to signify temporary deferment of a regular final letter grade. It is used sparingly in compelling situations when a student is not able to complete work in the course by the end of the semester due to extenuating circumstances beyond the ability of the student to predict and control. Assignment of an incomplete grade presumes both that the student will be able to complete the coursework in the timeframe established below and that the instructor will be able to review the completed work in that timeframe.

Incompletes must be completed within these deadlines, or earlier if so established by the course instructor, or the grade will automatically revert to an “IF.” If an extension to the deadline is requested, the student should file the “Request for Exception to Academic Policy Form” and procure the approval of the instructor and the instructor’s Department Head.

February 1 – Deadline for completion of work in order to replace incomplete grades awarded in the previous fall semester.

March 15 – Deadline for completion of work in order to replace incomplete grades awarded in the previous Wintersession.

October 15 – Deadline for completion of work in order to replace incomplete grades awarded in the previous spring semester or summer. Make-up work received from a student in the summer must be evaluated by the faculty within (10) days after Fall term begins.

It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor to complete coursework by the established deadline. The replacement grade must then be recorded with the Registrar within ten (10) days from the applicable deadline for student completion of work established above.

Students graduating in June must finish incompletes – and have the grade change submitted by their instructor – by September 1. After that date, the student will no longer be eligible to graduate in the current year and will be assigned a new graduation date of the following year. In the meantime, they will be eligible to receive a “Letter of Completion” stating the fulfillment of degree requirements. Consult the Registrar for details or assistance.

Incomplete grades are averaged into a student’s semester GPA with a grade point value of 0.00. Incompletes can affect a student’s academic standing. If the student’s GPA falls below the required minimum as a result, that student will be put on academic probation (or dismissal) as appropriate. However, when reviewing a student’s record and determining his or her academic status with respect to good standing, probation, or academic withdrawal, the Academic Standing Committee will take note that this status may be temporary. If a student would otherwise be in good standing, a single incomplete grade will not normally be interpreted as justifying probation or academic withdrawal.

When Not to Issue an "I"

It may be tempting to issue an “Incomplete” to a student even if he/she doesn’t strictly meet the guidelines in the academic policy. Resist! Remember that an “I” is to be used only in rare instances, when the situation is compelling and extenuating circumstances are beyond a student’s control.

Instead, to avoid complicating the academic standing review, issue the grade the student has earned up until that point (i.e. B, C, D, F). Then, after the course is over, encourage the student to submit any missing or reworked material and, after evaluating it, submit a change of grade form to the Registrar to assign a revised grade.